Furus Welfare Society

Being one of the oldest societies in Kuwait, Furus Welfare Society – Kuwait has become like a banyan tree, deeply rooted to its village and branches growing much bigger day by day in such a manner that needy expects shadow from it, keeping aim of progress of the village and Furusians. Furus is an ideal place to reside as it’s developed with all amenities, which you get only in cities like Internet to mobile services and cable TV network. Any person can be attracted after visiting this village due to its geographical looks of natural beauty; gifted by Almighty Allah.
Since the nomadic age human beings have been migrating to greener pastures. Civilizations have changed the lifestyles of human beings and way of thinking; however the basic habits remain the same. With the changing civilizations smaller villages have turned into towns and towns into cities and mega cities. Initially people were migrating from countryside and then to cities but now they have crossed the borders of their countries and emerging as a concept of global village. This world has become a global village has become a global village in the era of Information Technology where place to live in and hence the distance and speed of migration has increased.

Furusians were no different human beings. Since early 30s people of Furus – then a tiny village on coastal strip of Konkan, located in arms of Sahyadri hills, approximately 250 kms away from Mumbai – started migrating to Africa and Middle East. Despite the distance of migrant Furusians they remained attached to their hometown. Their affection and love for Furus, its inhabitants and the nation is indisputable. Their emotional and mental bond with Furus has kept all Furusians together. This bond remains the secret behind the formation of Furus Welfare Societies in Kuwait and other countries. Furusians formed a society wherever the figure is 10 or more and started contributing from their earnings for the welfare of their homeland.

In Kuwait FWS was formed during early 60s with the motto putting our village on a progressive path. Small contribution by an individual of the society helped to build schools, drinking water scheme, library, sports club, scholarships, mosques etc. in the village. Slowly and steadily the hard work of our forefathers started bearing fruits. Doctors, Engineers, Officers, Businessmen and other professionals from every sector started emerging from this village.

Furusians attachment to their native place, their motherland is indisputable. Their loyalty to Furus and its prosperity is the open secret for the survival of this society. Striving for social upliftment and the welfare of community is the motto of this society. Our predecessors have us to reach a common consensus by debating every issue related to the community on a common platform. This helped us to maintain healthy democracy. They have imbibed in us the urge and qualities to work for a cause and community welfare. We pray to Almighty Allah that the present senior members will succeed in instilling these qualities in the youngsters.

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